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Quassum Manus

We engineer apps, games, art, and some open-source software.

We have some apps...
rythmic icondownload-on-app-store


The perfect combination of a metronome and a tuner in a beautiful package...

And some art...
Ant Colony Stickers icondownload-on-app-store

Ant Colony Stickers

Stickers for your colony, by members of your colony...

Cute Paper Stickers icondownload-on-app-store

Cute Paper Stickers

The best sticker pack to wipe away your tears!

Check out our open-source efforts...
Visit us on Github icon

Visit us on Github

To follow tha latest updates in our open-source efforts check us out on github!

SVG to SwiftUI Converter icon

SVG to SwiftUI Converter

Do you need to manually implement a custom SwiftUI Shape structure? No more! Just use our open source tool to convert raw SVG to SwiftUI Shape!